The Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law Translator

Do you fantasize about taking your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law down in a sumo match? Credit: Yoshikazu Tsuno, AFP/Getty Images
Bet you didn't know this, but Sunday, October 24, is Mother-in-Law Day. Since 2002, families -- well, some famil...
As if the annual Thanksgiving nag-a-thon isn't enough, we now have another holiday to celebrate with our most pleasant relative. This Sunday, October 24, is Mother-in-Law Day.

The Obamas - A Mother-in-Law in the White House

Of all the images that came out of Barack Obama's November 4th victory, one of my favorites is the one of him and his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, sitting on the couch watching returns ... her hand in his. Their bond was so clear in that one ph...

Mother-in-Laws, Levi McConaughey, and Anti-Princess Reading Lists - Links we Love

So you survived Christmas debt-free. Now you have to get through the winter. Learn how to lower your heating bill now, without freezing out your family. -- AlphaMom Reason #245 to help your mother-in-law stay healthy: Sharing a home with her can r...

Mom Posts Ad Looking for a Daughter-In-Law

If you are a marriage-minded single woman who doesn't mind a meddling mother-in-law, there's a woman in Virginia who would like a word with you. Her son, Tampa resident Jason, is in need of a wife and she has taken it upon herself to find him one. ...

Pregnant Halloween costumes, teens on Facebook, and affordable luxuries - Links we love

So your mother-in-law is driving you to drink. How to deal. -- AlphaMom Got a bun in the oven? Find the perfect Halloween costume for your pregnant self. -- Babble Cold and flu season has officially arrived. Here are some facts that might surprise yo...

Jennifer Garner finally admits she's pregnant

It may seem like something of a bore by now, but actress Jennifer Garner has finally come clean about her pregnancy. the Alias star, married to fellow actor Ben Affleck, has caused much speculation over recent months after being photographed wea...

My mother-in-law is an expert on everything

My mother-in-law did a fine job raising her sons and I admire her for that. However, the woman considers herself an expert on everything, especially if it's child-related. She freely offers her advice and criticism whether I have asked for it or not....


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