Amazing Mom: Leslie Nordin

Leslie Nordin crosses the marathon finish line, a race she did blindfolded. Credit: MarathonFoto
Amazing Mom: Leslie Nordin, who ran the 2009 Boston Marathon blindfolded to prove to her blind son, then age 4, that he can do anything. Leslie'...

Links We Love: Moms Rock! Edition

Mom deserves a makeover. Go to to see the amazing results. Credit: Kristin Burns
We can't get enough of Mom, and lucky for us the blogosphere is just chock full o' love for mothers as we close in on her special day. Check out our ...

11 Mother's Day Gifts That Will Kill Your Sex Life (We're Talking to You, Dad)

Our good friends at The Stir have created a place where moms can meet and talk about life, parenting and the parenting life. We think they have a lot of great stuff to say, and so we're thrilled to be offering some of their posts right here a...

Celebrating Mother's Day ... With Marijuana

On "Weeds," Mary-Louise Parker plays a pot-dealing mama. Credit: Showtime
Mother's Day is Sunday, so you might want to take Mom out for brunch and maybe buy her candy or some flowers or a brand new hat. Or you could just get her a nice bag of wee...

Make-and-Learn Crafts: Mother's Day Keepsake Box

Little fingers shape air-dry clay into a trinket box for mom's special day. Photo: Gina Provenzano
Is one day really enough time to truly take note of the kind and loving gestures our mothers make every day? Of course not. But it's a start. ...

Knot So Fast

Green is good. Credit: Lush Cosmetics
For the green mom in your life, we found a mothers day service to help her indulge and pamper, guilt-free. Lush Cosmetics will let you select any of the lovely bath and beauty products on their site (everyt...

Links We Love: Countdown to Mother's Day Edition

Show mom you'll always love her. Credit: Dr Case, Flickr
The countdown to Mother's Day is on, ladies and gentlemen. Got those gifts ordered and the cards in the mail? While you're busy getting ready to show the moms in your lives how much you ...

Know A Fabulous Mom?

She does so much. Now you can do something for her. Credit: Getty Images
Do you know a mother who deserves to have her praises sung throughout cyberspace? Maybe it's even your own mother. Tell us about her. On Mother's Day, ParentDish will ...

Go On, Give Yer Mum Some Bloody Flowers

"I wish me son was not such a bloody git." Is this your mum? A lot of London mothers apparently go without flowers during the country's Mothering Sunday. Credit: Getty Images.
Many a mum in London won't be singing "Sonny Boy" for Britain's annual...

Outstanding Mother Awards

Remember to thank your Mom this Sunday. Photo courtesy of Every year, the National Mother's Day Committee honors women who have managed to build successful careers while nurturing their families and improving the lives of others. Past ho...

Mother's Day - Good, Bad and Very Ugly

You know what says Happy Mother's Day? Flowers. Not a guinea pig. Photo courtesy of Guys, here's a tip: Graciously "giving" the mother of your children time alone with the kids is probably not the best way to tell her how much you appre...

Last Minute Mother's Day, Twins and Funny Videos - Links We Love

DIY flower arrangements make a great gift for Mom. Image:
Recession-proof your Mother's Day with DIY flower arrangements for Mom. -- Alpha Mom Dads today are more involved in their kids' lives than ever before. But do they really need a...

Leverage Mother's Day for a Valuable Gift (That Costs Nothing)

Right about now your husband and children may be waking up to the fact that Sunday is Mother's Day, and they're kicking themselves because they've (once again) waited to think about how to make the day special for you. Across the country, family m...

Mother's Day Gifts, Crafts and Fun - Links We Love

Sentimental and one-of-a-kind, personalized jewelry is always makes a great Mother's Day gift. Celebrity Baby Blog has some cute and trendy choices. Daughters and sons look up to their moms, and with these Mommy and Me gifts, they can look like t...

Share Your Mother's Day Horror Stories!

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a Snuggie -- unless it's a half-pound bag of strawberry Twizzlers. Photo by p2squared on Flickr.
Looking forward to Mother's Day was one of the best parts of being pregnant -- a day just to honor me! And cr...


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