A Good Book Helps Parents Bond With Newborns in NICU

Experts say reading to babies in NICU can strengthen bonding. Credit: Getty Images
Once upon a time we learned about Mary and her little lamb, and how everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go. Well, parents intent o...
Experts say that adding a book to the diaper bag and reading to babies in NICU can breed the same intimacy.

Best Children's Hospitals: Neonatology

Credit: University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital When your child is ill, only the best care is good enough. So we're highlighting the hospitals that are leading the way in research, innovation, treatment and, most ...It's a nightmare no parent wants to experience: Your brand-new baby is in distress and must be rushed to neonatal intensive care (NICU). It's a terrifying and confusing time, but parents need to know they can draw strength when their infant is in the care of a neonatal care team that is skilled at helping critically ill and unstable babies.

Making Contact In The NICU

Credit: Good Pens, Flickr
At the most crucial moments in a newborn's life, mothers wonder if making connections with others in the NICU is the right thing to do. For nine months, moms-to-be wonder what baby will look like, who she will tak...

Neonatal: Caring for Premature Babies

Premature baby after birth Credit: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
A normal pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks. If a baby is born three or more weeks early, she is considered premature. Babies born close to 37 weeks usually do not have many problems, ...

Life in the NICU, Dave Grohl, and More - Links We Love

We all know how babies are made, but this video describes it all in graphic detail. (I promise, it's suitable for work.) -- Boing Boing Today is Earth Day! Looking for a last minute craft to do with your little environmentalist? BabyCenter's got '...

Octuplets' Mom Has Six Other Kids and Absent Husband

It is terrifying enough to most of us to imagine bringing home one new baby, never mind eight. But how's this for overwhelming: The California octuplets born this week have six older siblings at home. The oldest is seven, and the youngest is two. ...

A Little More: Now we are 5

The 2 little boys, Avery and Bennett, sit at the kitchen table and Tom is there and big brother Carter, too, and we are the perfect birthday scene: me carrying the homemade layer cake on a big white plate across the kitchen, everyone singing the "H...

A jelly bean for bravery

Bennett and I are sitting at the kitchen table holding hands. I glance idly at the log walls around us, the yellowing 1940s linoleum floor, the peeling wallpaper above the sink. It's the middle of the night. I haven't been up with this child, alone...

New device reminds "Shhhhh baby is sleeping"

Necessity might be the mother of invention, but it was an Indiana father who created a system that warns visitors to the unit that the sounds in the room have risen to a level stressful for the wee patients. Because the babies should still be devel...

Recovering from a difficult birth experience

A dear friend of mine had her first baby last week. As I slowly started to get the details of the birth from her husband in hurried conversations while they were in the hospital, I started to realize that this was an enormously difficult birth experi...

Mother takes baby from NICU

Sheriff's deputies spent several frantic hours last night searching for a young mother and her newborn infant in San Jose, California. 23-year-old Carla Lugo apparently cut a security anklet off the baby, removed her own hospital bracelet, and left t...

Blogging Baby Sleepover post: Tuesday, October 24

I am always on the lookout for a sassy bit of a new blog to read. Since some of my friends are dimly aware that I string words together for pay, some of them willingly send me links to blogs they think might interest my warped sense of humor. Followi...

Blog keeps preemie in touch with family

David Allen recently wrote us with a tip about just how powerful a tool blogs can be. His blog, reallife, is documenting his newborn’s experience in a special way. David’s wife gave birth to a little boy on Dec. 14th, several months ahead...


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