Helping Tweens Cope With the Death of a Parent

The deep grief of losing a beloved parent is difficult at any age, but it can be especially traumatic for tweens, whose personal identities are just beginning form, and who -- even if they deny it -- still desperately need their moms and dads. ...

Tooth Fairy, Chandra Wilson, and Brain Injury Signs - Links We Love

Got a kid who's misbehaving? Could be a sign that what they need is not more punishment, but more love. -- PBS Supersisters Formula is expensive, that's for sure. But a leading pediatrician reminds parents that it's better for baby when you buy...

Natasha Richardson's Death Leaves Moms Mourning

Actress Natasha Richardson's death has left us all stunned. Richardson, 45, suffered a head injury earlier this week while skiing at a resort outside of Montreal. Her family brought her back to New York City on Tuesday, and yesterday announced that...


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