Native Americans 

Teaching Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Teach your children about the meaning of Thanksgiving! Credit: Getty Images
Thanksgiving can mean many things: family, turkey, football (not necessarily in that order). None of those topics, however, have anything to do with the history behind t...

Native American Names

Native American names have become popular with parents in recent years. There are many web sites dedicated to helping parents choose Native American names for their children, but not all are reliable sources. According to Native Languages, many na...

Parents at Odds Over Thanksgiving Costumes

Kindergartners in Claremont, California have long had a tradition of dressing up in costumes and visiting kindergartners at another school for a Thanksgiving feast. This year, Condit Elementary students were to dress as Pilgrims to host Mountainview ...

Navajo textbook adopted in New Mexico

Around here, the popular language for high school kids to study -- at least back when I was in school -- was Spanish. With a large Hispanic community, it was far more useful than the available alternatives -- French and German. These days, however, l...

Decorating for Thanksgiving?

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? You know, that holiday in between Halloween (when we decorate) and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa (when we decorate). You know--the one with the turkey and the pilgrims and native Americans? Yeah, that one--the one wi...


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