My New Year's Resolution

I resolve to ... Illustration by Dori Hartley 'Tis the season for everyone to be a pain in the ass, especially Mommy and Dan Fogelberg. This single mommy is particularly Grinchy the week before the New Year. It is a dangerous peri...'Tis the season for everyone to be a pain in the ass, especially Mommy and Dan Fogelberg.

Dreams for this New Year: Resolution Making for the Whole Family

The gifts have been opened, the toys have been broken, the decorations packed away (except for those still hanging, looking forlorn), and Cabin Fever is sleep-deprived and overfed and suffering from a season of excess. Don't get me wrong: we've had...

Single Dads, Four-Named Babies, and Kate Hudson - Links we Love

If you're a single dad who's dating, when do you tell potential love interests about your kids? Lemondrop readers chime in, and most of them say to speak up about fatherhood sooner than later. -- Lemondrop Here's a great idea for storing all those...

Do You Have Parenting Resolutions?

It's the time of year for wiping the slate clean, starting fresh, turning over a new leaf ... pick your cliche, the bottom line is that we're all making resolutions to do better and be better. So why not take a minute to think about what your parenti...

DailyDish - Make It a Healthful New Year

Looking for some good New Year resolutions for kids?...

DailyDish - Make a Family Resolution

New Year's resolutions aren't just for grown-ups. This year, make a resolution the whole family can stick to....

What your kids want you to resolve

I don't make New Year's resolutions anymore. I used to make the same ones every year: quit smoking, start running more, be more grateful for all that I have without getting weighed down by the petty crap I worry about. And every year I would smoke, r...

Parenting New Year's Eve Resolutions: what are yours?

While surfing the web looking for ideas for good New Year's resolutions related to parenting, I came across this article.  It was written last year by a nonparent (and one who had "no New Year's resolutions inclined in that direction")...


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