Schools Are Doing Less Nitpicking Over Head Lice

Hey, parents -- your child with lice doesn't have to stay home! Um, sorry, teachers. Credit: Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT
We all dread that phone call from school -- you know, the one telling you your kid's hair is infested wit...
Case of head lice? Stop itching and get back to school!

Kansas School District Medication Policy Challenged

Throat scratchy? Better call Mom to bring a cough drop. Credit: Getty Images
Imagine having to rush to your child's school every time he scrapes his knee, or leaving work to apply sunscreen before he heads outside for recess. For parents with k...
Imagine having to rush to your child's school every time he scrapes his knee, or leaving work to apply sunscreen before he heads outside for recess. For parents with kids in the Wichita, Kan., school district, this is a reality.

Opinion: Banning 'D' Grades Puts Undue Pressure on Students

Isn't high school stressful enough? Credit: Getty Images
In the Mount Olive, N.J. school district, "D" is defunct -- banned on report cards. Now, students who receive less than a grade of C automatically fail. Mount Olive school district sup...

U.S. Kids, Parents More Likely to Have Conflict Than Europeans

Having trouble getting up the stairs? Sorry, your grown kids don't want to help. Credit: Ctd 2005, Flickr
Not getting along with your parents lately? Blame the American health care system. So says a new study by LiveScience, which found pa...

In Down Economy, Only-Child Families on the Rise

The myth of the "lonely only" has been debunked. Credit: Getty Images
If you're the parent of a "lonely only," you may feel pretty lonely yourself amidst a sea of parents with more than one child. But fret not -- only-child families are on th...

Boy, 8, Steers Car Out of Danger, Saves Lives

Eight-year-old Nicholas Prokos became a true hero last week when he reached into the front seat of the car his mother was driving and prevented a direct collision with oncoming traffic on a major highway in Port Charlotte, Fla. His mother...

Can Kids Play by Themselves at the Park?

Yes, yes, it's my idea: "Take Our Kids to the Park...And Leave Them There Day." Some people think it's crazy -- usually because they think I'm suggesting leaving kids there all day (I actually say even 10 minutes is a good start), and also because ...

Blind Teen Scores Touchdown

Spurred on by his teammates, a legally blind Ohio teenager scored a touchdown for the high school football team he manages.
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Most high school football players would be ...

Tween Sings on Street to Help Cancer-Stricken Preschool Pal

An unusual relationship between a 12-year-old musician and a cancer-stricken 4-year-old is helping to raise awareness of a rare form of childhood cancer. Anyone who's lived in or visited a big city knows that street performers, or buskers, can be...

British Teens Get Booze in Return for STD Testing

British health officials are trading alcohol for STD tests with children as young as 16. Credit: jesus leon, Flickr
Health officials desperate to stem the rising tide of sexually transmitted diseases among British youth are bribing kids as young ...

Heavy Infant Denied Health Insurance

4-month-old Alex weighs in at 17 pounds. Credit: Bernie Lange
A 4-month-old baby boy whose weight is in the 99th percentile is being denied health insurance because he is "obese." Alex Lange weighed 8 and 1/4 pounds when he was born, but on a ...

Karl Lagerfeld Attacks 'Fat Mummies'

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Credit: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images
Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld lashed out at "fat mummies" when a German women's magazine announced it would no longer be using stick-thin models in its fashion spreads. ...

Nanny Management School the M.B.A. of Baby-Sitting?

Getting a good baby sitter can be tough, but would you pay more for a nanny who was certified by the New York State Board of Education? Doug Kozinn, one of the owners of the Absolute Best Care nanny agency is betting that you will, according to Th...

Mom Arrested After Using Teen as Human Bungee Cord

Jackie Denise Knott was arrested after police spotted her daughter riding on top of her moving minivan. Credit: Albertville Police Dept.
An Alabama woman was arrested on charges of child endangerment after police spotted her teenage daughter ridi...

Conde Nast Bids Farewell to Cookie Magazine

Conde Nast is ceasing publication of Cookie magazine, among other titles. Credit: Cookie Magazine
Conde Nast announced that it will be discontinuing several of its high-profile magazines, including Cookie, the stellar style guide for all thin...


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