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Toddlers get tired of hearing the word "no." Image:
When you became a parent, did you turn into your mother? Or do you use your own parenting techniques? -- LilSugar Genius! A dad of a diabetic child invented a blood glucose monitor th...

Weekend Fun and Games

Got plans for the three-day weekend? If not, maybe this will help. Here's a run-down of what's new this week in kid's entertainment as adapted from ratings and reviews by Common Sense Media. At the Movies Based on the book by Sophie Kinsella, Con...

Nintendo Game Has Islamic Message?

Remember that Fisher Price baby doll that everyone got all freaked out about late last year? The one that was supposed to just coo and giggle but actually said something that sounded an awful lot like "Islam is the light?" Well, apparently that wasn'...

Kids smarter after playing Nintendo DS

It's the news kids around the world have been waiting to hear for decades, and now -- finally -- there's proof. Video games make you smarter. At least that's the news from St. Columba's primary school, where 30 students, ages nine and 10, played Nin...

Princess Peach Nintendo commercials: this mama loves 'em

All of a sudden, everyone's talking about Princess Peach. Yesterday I was immediately struck - in one of those amazed, pleased, warm-and-fuzzy ways - when I saw that the commercial, with beautifully-gowned "princesses" running through an Ar...


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