Would You Pay the Nanny Tax?

It's not unusual for parents to employ babysitters, nannies and other sorts of home care workers to assist them in raising their children, or at the very least watching them while they go out for dinner by themselves for a change. But, did you know t...

When is a Birthmark Cause for Concern?

My new daughter has a tiny little red dot under her nose, right between her nostrils. She's had it since she was born (she is now six weeks old). I'm assuming that, if it doesn't go away, it will be a birthmark. This mark is small and I am not ove...

Helicopter parents require their own camp counsellors

With all the hand wringing and obsession over children, it's amazing that summer camp has survived the Helicopter Parent Era. But counselors and cabins and bunk mates are still available, but there have been some changes. Many summer camps have had ...

Online programs let parents view kids' grades

In a recent NY Times article we were introduced to online programs that allow parents to track their children's grades. Many parents are choosing products like ParentConnect, Edline and PowerSchool to assist them in conversing with their childre...

Rock music for babies

Gone are the days of inane kids music about counting, colors, and loving people for no reason. You and your little squirt can now rock out to the Cure, Metallica, Radiohead, and other music that doesn't suck -- all re-imagined for the younger set, sa...

Wonder Pets on Nick Jr. : it's the next big thing

When I saw the first advertisement for Nick Jr.'s latest animated television show targeted at preschoolers, I thought it must be a joke. Wonderpets? With a photo-realistic guinea pig, Linny, who likes to wear a cape and a baseball cap when he saves t...

Yes, it's true: my babies have web sites

It all started innocently enough. I bought everetthanson.com when my first son was almost one year old. I was doing research on acquiring domain names for my job, and it seemed like a good idea to practice all the mechanics of getting a web site toge...

Indigo children in the New York Times

Children who are bright, disruptive, impatient, resistant to authority, energetic and intuitive have a new label. Attention Deficit, you know, is so 90s. The new millennium requires a new label, and it is Indigo. We've talked about indigo children b...


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