Obese kids 

Update: Doc Takes Heat for Suggesting Kids Be Removed From Obsese Parents

Credit: Getty Images
Boston pediatrician David Ludwig suggested children should be taken away from their obese parents.
Uh, why is everyone looking at him like that? MSNBC reports Ludwig's comments, made in the Journal of the Ame...
Doctor claims his comments were blown out of proportion.

Video Gamers: The Overeating Defenders of the Universe

Killing aliens makes a kid hungry. Credit: Corbis
Space aliens have invaded Earth, demanding we have their dress shirts cleaned and pressed by Tuesday or face the consequences.
Now, the only thing that stands between humanity and an...
Research finds gamers pack away the pounds while blowing away the aliens.

Opinion: Happy Meal Toy Ban Is Just Plain Sad

Have you ever wondered why so many kids these days are obese? Is it because they eat food such as the McDonald's Cheeseburger Happy Meal, which contains more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium? Or is the free Beanie Baby that comes in the box to blame...

Two-Year-Old Tot Tips Scales at 90 Pounds

Pang Ya weighs as much as an adult woman. Credit: Quirky China News / Rex USA
A toddler in China weighs almost 100 pounds. You have to see the photo to believe it. Two-year-old Pang Ya, who lives in China's Shanxi province, was born weighin...

Rate of Chronic Diseases Doubling in Children

Chronic health conditions among U.S. children took a significant leap, more than doubling from 12.8 percent in 1994 to 26.6 percent in 2006. Researchers from MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston followed three separate groups of child...

Genetic Studies Reveal New Causes of Severe Obesity In Childhood

DNA may be the answer to some cases of childhood obesity. Credit: ynse, Flickr
In battling the problem of childhood obesity, researchers and parents have looked to increased exercise and changes in diet for solutions. But researchers in the U...

Stressful Home Life Making Kids Fat?

A Swedish study of more than 7,000 families found that kids with a highly stressful family life are twice as likely to be obese when compared with children living in low-stress environments. The study followed kids from birth to age six, and durin...

Number of medicated kids on the rise

A spike in the number of children taking medication for chronic health problems such as diabetes and asthma has doctors wondering if the number of kids with these diseases is actually on the rise, or if treatment of the conditions has changed in the ...

Weight loss surgery for kids

Considering all we've heard about the childhood obesity epidemic, it really should come as no surprise that parents are turning to surgical procedures to help their kids lose weight. According to a 2007 study, nearly 800 U.S. kids had weight-loss sur...

Study: Rural kids more likely to be obese

Another study about overweight kids. This one says that children living in rural areas are 25 percent more likely than city kids to be overweight or obese. Researchers at University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford reached this conclusion ...


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