15 Old Wives' Tales Doctors Believe

Doctors say that tales are false. Credit: Getty Images
How many pediatricians believe old wives' tales? When asked if 15 old wives' tales were true or false, only 17 percent of the board-certified pediatricians surveyed said all of them wer...

Pregnancy fact or fiction: determining baby's gender

Guess what, folks--it can't be done. Unless you have a bonafide medium/psychic in your midst, hard science makes it darn near impossible to prove there is a way to determine your baby to be's gender without the aid of one of those scary blood t...

Pregnancy fact or fiction?

Now that I've found myself plum in the middle of my second pregnancy, I thought it might be interesting to really take a look at all those wives tales we're always being reminded of when we find ourselves in the family way. The first pregnancy for m...

The fibs moms tell

I remember it clearly. When we finally got a TV, my mother repeatedly told us not to sit too close to the telly or we would go blind. Well, according to this site, that's just one of a number of white lies moms tell their kids. It apparently was true...

Bananas make baby boys?

According to a new study out of Britain's Oxford and Exeter Universities, a woman wishing to conceive a boy child would do well to stock up on bananas. Hold the penis jokes, this isn't about the phallic shape of the fruit, but the potassium in the fr...

Old wives tales and pregnancy: Tell your MIL to shove it!

We've all heard the old wives tales regarding pregnancy. If your butt is too big, it is a boy. If you start to look really ugly, it is a girl...something about the daughter stealing her mother's looks. (In fact, I actually wrote about this topic on ...


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