The Decade That Multiples Went Mainstream

Some have called the past decade the Decade From Hell, others the "Me-Me-Me" Decade and even The Unnameable Decade. For me, personally, it will forever be known as the decade that I discovered the wild and wonderful world of raising twins. But it w...

Olsen Twins to Launch JCPenney Juniors Line

Olsenboye, a new juniors line for JCPenney hits select stores Nov. 6. Credit: JCPenney
The Olsen twins are expanding their empire over the teen market -- and promoting their love of fashion -- with the launch of a new juniors line at JCPenney sto...

PETA goes after the Olsen twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twins who got their start on television's Full House and are now mini-tycoons, are the recent target of animal rights group PETA. Seems MK and Ash use fur in their clothing line and have been seen wearing furs aroun...

'Appetite for Destruction' is 20 years older...and so am I

I remember the year 'Appetite for Destruction' hit. It was 1987. I was in middle school, somewhere between the sixth and seventh grades (if I recall correctly, and my memory is hazy) when I was feeling perhaps my most awkward ever. Zoom twenty yea...

Olsen twins turn 21: I am old

Well, it finally happened. The Olsen Twins, aka Mary-Kate and Ashley, have turned twenty one. They did it last weekend, in fact, and I am not at all sure how I missed it. Must be all the baby business around the house these days. Or is that I am n...


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