Meet the Mayor of Togetherville, a Friendly Online Community for Kids

Welcome to Togetherville. This is a friendly community. Everyone knows everyone else. People look out for each other. Kids play in the street unafraid. The traffic is light, and bad people are stopped at the city limits. So, you and your ...

Online Predators - Just an Urban Legend?

It's enough to send a chill up any parent's spine: a 14-year-old girl agrees to meet an online friend, presumably another teen, without telling her parents. Only the "teen" turns out to be a 38-year-old man ... and a predator. To parents and child...

Surprising new findings about online predators

A new study released yesterday suggests that the typical online predator is not who you might think. Rather than an adult posing as a teen in order to gain kids' trust, online sexual predators are often adults who make their intentions quite clear to...

MySpace won't give up sex offender information

MySpace says it has identified and removed every registered sex offender who had a profile on the popular social networking site. But earlier this week, when attorney generals from eight states sent a letter asking them to provide details on those se...

Misleading ad campaign about online privacy targets teens

I know the Internet can be a dangerous place. But let's stop it with all the boogie-monster scare tactics. Just because you write about yourself online, it does not mean you're going to be recognized in real-life by dozens of creepy perverts. That's ...

Big Mother is watching

Parents wishing to control their kids' cell phone use have a growing number of options to choose from. There are special cell phones for young kids that allow parents to authorize only certain incoming and outgoing phone numbers. Some even come equip...

Myspace hires safety czar

Yes I'm talking about Myspace again. As part of an answer to public outcry that children are being targeted by sexual predators on the site, MySpace has hired Hemanshu Nigam from Microsoft Corporation. Nigam is now director of Consumer Security Outr...

Homeland Security worker arrested in online sting

We've talked a lot about the dangers of online pedophiles targeting children on MySpace and in other internet communities. Who would have guessed we needed to worry about our own Homeland Security workers. Brian Doyle, Homeland Security spokesman, wa...


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