In Down Economy, Only-Child Families on the Rise

The myth of the "lonely only" has been debunked. Credit: Getty Images
If you're the parent of a "lonely only," you may feel pretty lonely yourself amidst a sea of parents with more than one child. But fret not -- only-child families are on th...

Best Advice the Mom Behind Toronto's 'Planet Kid' Ever Got

Sarajane Fillmore is the owner of Planet Kid, a successful kids' clothing boutique located in Toronto's hippest neighbourhood, Roncesvalles Village. Her store is home to a wealth of fabulous Canadian kidswear designers, including herself. She also de...

Octuplets' Mom has "Breeding Disorder"

Can being an only child make you crazy? According to Nadya Suleman's mom, the answer is yes. The grandmother of the California octuplets and their six siblings told Us Magazine that her daughter never liked being a singleton, and blames her desire fo...

Does birth order affect relationships?

A recent article regarding birth order and relationships on AOL's Personals site got me thinking of a conversation I'd recently had with my mother. We were talking about how many kids I wanted (I have one with another one on the way). I'd said ideal...

Kate Beckinsale is ok with having just one kid

Although it is a decidedly less controversial issue, many people are talking about whether or not have more than one child, especially in this terrible economy. Here in New York City, having more than one child can be such an exorbitant expense it's...

Closing the door: How do you decide your family is complete?

My nephew was born last December, a delicious addition to my brother's family. Whenever I see him, which is not often enough, I nuzzle the folds in his neck, breathing deep his new-baby smell. I work hard to make him smile and laugh -- he's four mont...

The down side of having just one

According to Census figures, the percentage of women having only one child has nearly doubled in the last generation. Experts attribute this trend to more women working full time, waiting to have children, infertility, divorce, concerns about the env...

Alienation for families with one child?

If you had an experience close to mine, the first few diapers weren't changed before people started asking "when are you going to have another?" It took me a good four months or so after my daughter's birth before I could look at a pregnant woman an...


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