I'm Pro-Boy Scouts (And Pro-Gay)

If I'd thought about it harder, maybe I wouldn't have said, "Sure!" when my son asked me if he could tag along with his friend to a Boy Scout meeting three years ago. But, "Sure!" said I, and he ran home with the sign-up sheet. What was so excitin...In an era when we are realizing how terrible it is to ostracize (or bully) young men about their sexual orientation, why are the Boy Scouts kicking those kids to the curb?

Halloween Costume Rejects

Hey, parents! Are you trying to find a quick and easy costume to make for the kids? Look no further! The Tooth Decay Fairy What you'll need:
White pillowcase
Tin foil Toothbrush Candy corn, Life Savers, or Pez Pull the pillowcase ove...
Hey, parents! Are you trying to find a quick and easy costume to make for the kids? Look no further!

Opinion: There Is No Such Thing As Birth Rape

Birth plan not going as you hoped? Don't call it rape. Credit: Getty
Being sexually assaulted -- violated against your will by a stranger, lover or relative -- is rape, pure and simple. It is a violent act, driven by rage and perversion, and ...
Being sexually assaulted -- violated against your will by a stranger, lover or relative -- is rape, pure and simple. Getting a vaginal exam during the birth process is not rape. Getting a dose of Pitocin to spur the labor process is not rape. Getting a Cesarean section, even thought it wasn't part of your birth plan is definitely not rape. But some disagree.

Let Adults Hang Out at the Playground (Even if They Don't Have Kids)

What would you do if you saw a man hanging around the playground and he didn't have any kids there? Well, soon that question may be moot. Miami Beach is just the latest locality considering legislation that would make 19 playgrounds "children's ...

What's So Dirty About Kiddie Pictures?

The new school picture? Credit: Anna Brooks / Samantha Harvey
When art students Anna Brooks and Samantha Harvey asked if they could take some children's photos at a local school, they were told by the principal, fine. They could photograph one ch...

Do We Really Need a Breast-Feeding Cookie?

MilkMakers, Milkin' Cookies -- these are two new-ish cookies created for breast-feeding moms. They're made from, among other things, oatmeal, yeast and flax seed, all long held to help boost milk production, and anecdotal evidence (well, people pos...

'I See You Have a Family Decal on Your Car. Now I Will Kidnap Your Kids!'

OK, folks: Quiz time! What are the glaring problems with this letter to Annie's Mailbox -- and Annie's response? "Dear Annie" (wrote a lady): Years ago people put little placards in their kids' windows so that firefighters could find them in ...

'Don't Talk to Strangers' is Dangerous Advice

Want to keep your children safe? Teach them to talk to strangers. Oh, sure, that's easy for me to say -- Ms. Free-Range Kids. But it's not just me. "We have been trying to debunk the myth of stranger danger," says Ernie Allen. He's the head of t...

Camp Counselors Should Be Allowed to Hug Kids

Bend down! That's the new rule at my kids' camp this summer: If a counselor feels like hugging a camper, the counselor must bend down to the child's level, so the child's face does not end up buried in his or her "groin." Apparently, word of ...

Tree Branch Kills 6-Month-Old: Who Is to Blame?

On a sunny Saturday about a week ago, a healthy, leafy branch fell from a tree in Central Park and the unthinkable happened: It killed a 6-month-old girl who was in her mom's arms, just as the dad was about to take their picture. The mom was gravel...

Friendship Coaches? For Kids? For Real?

No more best friends! Get them out of your kid's life now! Hurry! That's what a new cadre of crazy, creepy child psychologists is recommending for our children's emotional health. So, at summer camps, they're separating the kids who finally f...

Do School Guards Really Protect Anyone?

It's the night of the dance school recital. The performances are over, a few kids are still on stage, receiving awards. The mom picks up her daughters and is about to head out when the school guard stops them: No parents are allowed to take thei...

Does a Teacher Really Need to Remind Kids, "Hydrate!"

A teacher wrote to me worried that either she's going crazy -- or her students' parents are. They've started giving their kids bottled water to keep at their desks, and begging her to remind them, throughout the day, to drink. "Have I lost it co...

Would You Buy a "Mud Pie Maker"? For $40?

Hey kids! It's summer! Time to get outside, play in the mud and -- wait! You're doing it all wrong! You need to make PERFECT pies using the newest toy from Little Tykes: The Makin' Mud Pies Kitchen Set. And to think it's only $40! Here -- check ...

Would You Let Your 8-Year-Old Play at the Park Without You?

Boo boos. Bathrooms. Predators. Those are the three big objections that keep coming up -- though not necessarily in that order -- when I mention that this coming Saturday, May 22, is, "Take Our Children to the Park...And Leave Them There Day."...


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