Child's Play: Efforts Building to Bring Back the Fun

The sandbox is so, so lonely. Credit: Getty
Remember the good ol' days when Mom opened up the cabinets and let you play rock band with the pots and pans? Or all those afternoons you spent creating castles in the backyard sandbox?
What happened to good, old-fashioned play time? It's rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Snow Play for a Snow Day

We had two snow days in a row last week, unusual for us in early December. The snowfall so far this year has been heavy, suggesting there will be plenty more opportunities this winter to sleep in, ditch the routine for the day, and play in the s...

Get back to nature with "Take a Child Outside" week

Twenty-five years ago, the idea of a "Take a Child Outside" week would have seemed ridiculous. We spent most of our free time outside as it was, riding bikes, exploring, playing with friends. But today, for reasons that vary from safety concerns to a...

Why take kids camping

I love camping. Being out amidst the trees, the rocks, and, yes, even the dirt is relaxing and comforting to me. If I could live in the woods year-round, I would. Not everyone is quite the Grizzly Adams type that I am, however. If you've got kids, th...

Flip flops and flying mulch: Why kids in daycare aren't going outside

Among the thing I love about my daughters' school is their dedication to both indoor and outdoor exercise. During all but the coldest winter days, they took the kids outside for at least a 15 minute recess each morning. They were also diligent about ...

Kids: Go outside and play

I grew up in a rural community, in a home set on 10 acres of quiet forest. My memories include building tree forts, exploring every inch of those woods, sledding and snow forts, and quiet afternoons hunting wild strawberries in the meadow. Sadly, whe...

World's tallest snowman is a woman!

We missed the annual snowfest in our community this year, because we were all down with that terrible bug that's sweeping the country. But being outside in the snow is a favorite activity of ours right now. If you live anywhere Bethel, Maine, you mig...

Do these 'Slow' figures really work?

At some point in your travels, you have probably seen one of these little yellow plastic guys. Holding a red flag, he reminds you to slow down because there are kids nearby. When I see one, I automatically take my foot off the gas and play closer att...

How to get the kids outdoors?

Ellie has a tendency to want to stay indoors most of the time. She likes to color and read and do crafts and watch television. I am totally on board with that during the winter because I don't particularly enjoy being cold. But now that it is warm ou...

No child left inside

Boing Boing has an intriguing recap on an article about a new movement focused on reclaiming outdoor play for kids, who are "increasingly under house arrest." The article cited is "No Child Left Inside" by Richard Louv, which discusses a developing f...


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