Texting While Parenting - How Bad?

Do you check e-mail while parenting? Credit: me and the sysop, Flickr
"The BlackBerry gives me freedom, for sure," a mom-friend confided. "But I sometimes wonder how bad it is that I answer the call of the BlackBerry when I'm with my kids." ...

Fax, email to replace letters to Santa Claus?

According to a recent report I read, the post office receives and distributes more mail on December 17th than any other day of the year. The reason? For one, folks are sending off all their Christmas presents--the 17th is a week before Christmas E...

UK theme park bans PDAs

Alton Towers, the UK's "best loved theme park," is committed to family fun. They're so committed, in fact, that if they see parents trying to sneak in a little non-theme park related time with a personal digital assistant, a "special warden" will pop...


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