Is Your Child's School Asking For Too Much Of Your Time?

Are you giving so much of your time that you don't have any left for yourself? Credit: Getty Images
Many moms are being asked to do too much at their child's school, causing a lot of parents to just say no. In this tough economy, there is an i...
Many moms are being asked to do too much at their child's school, causing a lot of parents to just say no.

PTA Joins with Facebook to Promote Internet Safety

Credit: Chris Jackson, Getty Images
NEW YORK (AP) - The PTA and Facebook are joining forces to promote Internet safety through a set of tools and resources for kids, schools and parents. The world's largest online social network and the Nation...

Not Volunteering Enough at Your Kid's School? Go Straight to the Principal's Office!

Should volunteering be mandatory? Credit: Getty Images
Parents in San Jose, Calif., who thought their days of being graded with a check, check-plus or check-minus were far behind them, may soon face the ink of a teacher's red pen on...

Dad to Take Helm at PTA for First Time

Charles J. Saylors will make history in June, when he takes over as president of the Parent-Teacher Association, a national organization of 5.5 million members most often associated with mothers. Recent years have seen the rise of the stereotypica...

On being a volunteer

As the parent of a school aged child, there will be many, many, oh-so-very many opportunities for you to be a volunteer. I have been a popcorn popper, chaperone of countless field trips (helpful hint for other moms: always sign up for the fire statio...

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is teacher appreciation week, a chance to "honor the dedicated men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children." Started in 1984 by the national PTA, it's an opportunity to "recognize all of the ways teachers con...

Elementary school politics: how little can I participate?

Tonight I'm attending my youngest child's Kindergarten Round Up, which I can't help but picture like a rodeo with the principal trying to lasso the kids into the school. Which I know it's not like that since I've done this once before, but tell me wo...


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