Does the Dog Have Dibs on My Grandma's Name?

My grandmother's name was Annabelle, and I was very close to her and would love to pay tribute with my daughter's name. Recently, my friends got a puppy and named her Bella. When I mentioned it, people have asked why I would want the same name for ...

Can I Name My Baby After the Dog?

I am seven months pregnant with my fourth (and last) boy. The name we are strongly considering is Jasper, however, that was also the much-loved name of our much-loved dog -- my "first baby" -- who has been dead now for over five years. As we live s...

Top Pet Names Also Names for Babies

Would you name your dog after a person? In the not too distant past, I met someone whose children had the same names as my dogs. We have a dog named Max and we used to have a dog named Thomas (he passed away), which were the same name as the sons of ...


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