Pit Bull That Attacked 4-Year-Old Girl Released From Death Row

Franchesca Surun, right, with her dog Snoop, who spent eight months on doggie death row for biting a 4-year-old girl.Credit: Joe Marino, New York Daily News
Here's a phrase you don't hear every day: Wow, that dog has a great lawyer. Following...

9-Year-Old Saves Girl from Pit Bull

When I enrolled my 8-year-old in a martial arts class, I did so mostly for the health and self-esteem benefits. In the class, she is learning some basic self-defense skills, but the idea that she would ever need to use those is just too scary to thin...

Dad Fights Pit Bull to Save Daughter

This is one of those stories that sends chills down my spine. It has a happy ending - but just barely. 31-year-old Steven Hehr of Gladstone, Oregon was visiting with some friends in Happy Valley when he heard his seven-year-old daughter, Jayda, sc...

Pit bull bites, boy bites back

Usually the stories we hear of children being attacked by animals do not end well. This is not one of those. An 11-year-old Brazilian boy named Gabriel Almeida has become of bit of a local celebrity not just for surviving a dog attack, but for the w...


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