Connect With Your Child Through Play

When you think about your own childhood, do you recall times when you and your parents played together? Maybe it was hide-and-seek, or Monopoly or rock-paper-scissors. I remember pretending to be circus performers with my mom and dad, and playing...Through play, children make sense of their experiences, and express their ideas and emotions.

Child's Play: Efforts Building to Bring Back the Fun

The sandbox is so, so lonely. Credit: Getty
Remember the good ol' days when Mom opened up the cabinets and let you play rock band with the pots and pans? Or all those afternoons you spent creating castles in the backyard sandbox?
What happened to good, old-fashioned play time? It's rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Are Your Kids Getting Enough Pretend Play Time?

Not all toys have to plug in. Credit: Getty Images Back in the day, "play time" didn't mean "screen time," because there weren't that many screens available. Now, of course, children have so many electronic entertainment options that...Children have so many electronic entertainment options that they may not be getting enough good old fashioned pretend play.

Revving Up Kids Before Bed - How Bad?

"Oh never mind that," a mom friend yells into the phone, "That's just daddy doing the 'Nightly Bedtime Revving Up of our Children Just Before Sleep.'" She sounds frustrated, yet at our house, I can't help but notice that Daddy manages to run the ...

Economy Hits Summer Camp, More Free Time for Kids

Summer camp attendance is down, due to the economy. Image: Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr
As families everywhere tighten their belts and pinch their pennies, summer camp attendance is taking a hit. The American Camp Association reported at 10 t...

Is 'Princess Parenting' Really a Problem?

Is your daughter on a princess pedestal? Image:
Almost from the moment they are born, little girls today are bombarded with princess paraphernalia. Crib sheets, bottles, bibs and blankets all come in pink girly-girl versions and often ...

Playing with your kids is not necessary?

A while back, a close family member expressed the opinion that my husband shouldn't be down on the floor playing dolls with Ellie. She felt this was not only a waste of my husband's time, but potentially harmful for Ellie. Her reasoning had something...

Papaku: Afterschool Play

A dozen young boys All playing different games Laughing together After school, Jared and his mates like to run around on the lawn outside the building. Yesterday, as I watched from the sidelines, I was struck by how they all had their own ideas of w...

The joy of snow, good for all ages

My kids love winter and everything it brings. As the leaves turn they start to get antsy at the thought of the ski hills opening and the fun beginning. At the first sign snow they always pile on as much clothing as they can find and go out for a frol...


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