How to Play: Horse

Miss a shot, get an "H." Credit: ryan_fung, Flickr
What you need: At least two players, a basketball and a basketball hoop. How to play: The first player is allowed to shoot from anywhere on the court. If he or she makes that shot, all other p...

The Benefits of Playground Exercise for Kids

Fitness training can be broken down into components such as strength, power, muscular endurance, aerobic fitness, balance and flexibility. The traditional approach to training is to complete separate programs that focus on each of these, independen...

Playground Preparation 101: Dealing with Injuries

It is great that many parents and schools are promoting 60 minutes of vigorous daily activity for our kids. In the ideal situation, our kids will adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and daily activity. Unfortunately, vigorous exerc...

Hopscotch Voted Best Playground Game Ever

While too many schools today are nixing recess for more hours in the classroom, most of us grownups have oh-so fond memories of those 20 minutes each day on the playground. It was a time to let loose and have some fun, fun, fun. I remember anxiously ...

Playground Memories: Statues Game -video

Another popular playground game of my youth was Statues. The person chosen to be It had to avoid being touched by statues, or he/she would turn to stone as well. Statues could move about, but only when It was not looking which meant you might have ...

Playground memories: Red Rover

Back in the ancient days of my youth, there was a game called "Red Rover". It was a playground staple (I believe we even played it with teacher permission during gym class in those lawsuit-free, what-doesn't-kill-you-makes-you-stronger-times) because...

Elementary school bans tag on the playground

Ellie didn't have such a great day at school yesterday. Some kids laughed at her when she spilled water on herself, the cafeteria lunch offering was inedible and a boy got a little rough on the playground and 'sort of' punched her. The playground inc...


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