My Paper Crane Plush Toys

These sweet plush chocolates will definitely last longer and do less damage to your waistline than the consumable kind. Credit: My Paper Crane
Sure, teddy bears are cute, but we can't think of anything more adorable than seeing our...
Sure, teddy bears are cute, but we can't think of anything more adorable than seeing our little ones tote around a plush croissant, mushroom, tomato or donut.

This Little Piggy

Miss Piggy is jealous. Credit: Les Deglingos
The Deglingos charmed their weird way into our hearts a few years ago, and now we can't help but love the newest addition to the band: Jambonos the piglet. She's a strict vegetarian and a self-procla...

Sasha Obama Brings the Ugly Doll to the White House

I love Ugly Dolls -- they're plushy and soft, sure, but they're also a nice antidote to the usual super-sweet kid stuffed toy. Because they're ugly, see! And I have boys, which means that we don't have a lot going on at my house in the "doll" categor...

Award winning Zoobie Pets are on the loose!

Yesterday I happened across some of the cutest snugly toys I have ever seen in my 14 years of parenting. Called Zoobie Pets, they are a clever 3-in-1 combination of a stuffed animal, a pillow and a blanket. The concept was born several years ago by t...

Wubbanubs: For when you're tired of holding the pacifier

Nothing will make a new parent want to pull out her hair quicker than a pacifier that keeps falling out of the baby's mouth. This has happened with my second child (when he took a pacifier) and I'd find myself wondering just how could I get the stink...


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