Poison Ivy 

How to Prevent and Treat Poison Ivy

There's nothing more irritating than a skin rash to set your summer activities back. Poison Ivy is among the most common skin rashes to get while playing outside during the summer. Watch this video on how to get rid of the plants in your yard and how...There's nothing more irritating than poison ivy to set your summer activities back.

Rewards and Bribes, Mayim Bialik and Toys R Us - Links We Love

Is that lollipop a bribe or a reward? Photo courtesy Marja Flick-Buijs/SXC.
We've all resorted to them now and then, so now's a good time to learn the difference between a reward and a bribe. -- Alpha Mom
How not to be a good parent: Mom cal...

Poison ivy - Baby touched a bad, bad thing

My teenager asked me to look at some bug bites on his back the other morning. The Cross Country team had been taking long runs through the woods and he thought something had chewed him up while he ran the trails. A half hour later, we were sitting a...

How to recognize poison ivy (and what to do if you missed it)

Kids love a good walk through the woods to get away from the hot summer sun. If you go off-trail, though, be sure to keep a look out for poison ivy. Some studies suggest that global warming is contributing to the growth of poison ivy and its ability ...


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