New Pool Drain Law is in Effect

Pool safety is on everyone's mind in the summer. Image: sxc.hu
If your family is like ours, then you make good use of the public pool every summer. We go twice a week for swimming lessons and every now and then for $2 Tuesdays to take advantage ...

Should Babies Take Swimming Lessons?

Swimming lessons alone won't keep your child safe around water. Image: sxc.hu
Most of us, whether we live near the water or not, want our children to learn to swim as early as possible. Not being able to swim is a safety concern and a valid one a...

The Dangers of Pet Doors

Make sure Fido is the only one using your pet door. Image: sxc.hu
Pet doors that let your animals come and go as they please please may be handy little inventions, but I've never had one. While I can appreciate the convenience of not having to re...

Six-year-old saves friend from drowning

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, even pint-sized. When Josiah Buddah took off his water wings and sank to the bottom of the pool, the adults in the area didn't notice. But buddy Haden Stusak did. Though he's only six years old, Haden took it upon...

When are kids ready for swimming lessons?

When my oldest daughter was just a wee babe, I enthusiastically signed her up for the "Mommy and Me" swimming class offered at the local pool. (My enthusiasm was tempered a bit once I realized that meant me and my post-partum body in a swimsuit, but...

Cop saves baby, sues family

When Joey Cosmillo fell into the family's pool in January, he was rescued and resuscitated by emergency workers in Casselberry, Florida. Sadly, the child suffered brain damage and now cannot walk, talk, sit up or swallow. The 22-month-old lives in a ...

No pooping in the pool

When Ellie and I go to our neighborhood pool, I always see a few diapered kids wading in the shallow end or floating in tubes. I admit it grosses me out just a little. I mean, if a kid is wearing a diaper, that means that kid doesn't use a potty. Not...

Safety precautions for pool and hot tub owners

Drowning is the number one cause of death for children under the age of four. A child can drown within seconds of entering the water and irreversible brain damage usually occurs within four to six minutes. This week James Baker has been on Capitol Hi...

SkyMall's Pool Alarm with Wristband

The trip from Trinidad to Houston was about 6 hours long; so therefore, at one point during the flight, I was drawn to flip through the SkyMall catalog it seems every airline now has in its seat pockets.  Some of the items that catalog has are r...


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