Cartoon Princess Dispenses Fairy Tale 'Advice' for Your Daughter

Think about the worst lessons about love and romance that you don't want your daughter to follow. Then microwave the popcorn, grab the remote, snuggle in for a mother-daughter "let's bond quickly before you head out with your friends" night an...

Wanna Feel Old? Read the Beloit College Mindset List

The class of 2014? They're so over e-mail. Credit: Mark Scott, Getty Images
College kids -- man, they make us feel old. Take the graduates from the class of 2005. They've been out of school five years now, and when they were born, Sarajevo was...

ParentDish's Top 10 School Uniform Moments in Pop Culture

School uniforms get a boost from pop culture. Credit: Getty
Is the school uniform becoming the latest tween and teen fashion trend? You bet your plaid shirt and navy blazer. At least that's the word from French Toast, a supplier of school unif...

Movies May Influence Children's Food Choices, Study Shows

Could food featured on film can lead to poor nutritional choices among kids? Credit: Darrren Hester, Flickr
Space aliens love candy and fast food. You can see them eating at a Burger King in "Men in Black 2," and of course, Steven Spielberg tho...

Legos go Hollywood (again)

OK, celebrities appearing as Legos is AWESOME. Well, at the very least it's humorous. I don't know if you played with Legos as a kid, or if your children enjoy them, but Legos have withstood the test of time.
Legos were first created in 1932. T...

Paramount launches theme park

South Korea, get ready! In 2011 Paramount Pictures is set to open a theme park based on its movies in Incheon, about an hour from Seoul. The film company's top earners include Mission: Impossible and Laura Croft: Tomb Raider. The park is set to h...

Hello Kitty: not just a benign feline

If it's true that most people can be classified as either "dog people" or "cat people", my tendencies most definitely lean toward the former. A cat won't lick your tears when you cry or greet you with frantic kisses when you walk in the door, but I h...

Defining "image" of 80's was man and baby poster

When I think of iconic posters of the 1980's, I think of Farrah Fawcett in a bikini, smiling coyly through long locks of springy blonde curls. But there was another famous 80's poster that is being called "the defining poster of the 1980's." And, ah,...

Tweens are the new teens

Have you noticed that kids are growing up much faster these days? That sounds so incredibly cliche, and I feel like next, I should start babbling about how when I was a kid, gum cost less than a dollar and I had to walk for an hour uphill in the snow...


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