5 Reasons Why I Truly, Madly, Deeply Love the Jonas Brothers

Unlike some parents, when my 8-year-old pops in her Jonas Brothers CD, I don't breathe a heavy sigh and grit my teeth. I smile and sing along. Not only do I know all the words to the songs, I actually like them. I am not saying this as a parent wh...

Sean Penn and his daughter rock out to Justin Timberlake

It's official: nobody can resist Justin Timberlake. Even Sean Penn, the actor famous for beating up reporters and playing big screen tough guys, was spotted at a JT concert on Sunday night. He was apparently there with his teenage daughter, Dylan (an...

Pussycat Dolls and Sugababes bad for teens, say researchers

Recently there's been a movement in the fashion industry attempting to ban ultra-thin models on runways and in magazines, as critics say images of these women promote eating disorders amongst teens. But new research suggests that watching popular gir...

"Let me do you after school like homework:" Are these lyrics ok for your kid?

I've finally reached an age where I'm no longer in pop music's target demographic, and it'll be years before I'm re-immersed via my daughter. But when I read this article about an artist named Pretty Ricky, whose songs include lyrics like "Let me do ...


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