Snack Time? Try This Crunchy, Low-Fat Pita Chip Recipe

As far as snack food goes, potato chips have been a longtime hit with many kids (and adults, of course). Whether you're looking for an afternoon crunch or evening munch, chips usually seem like a great idea. But what often comes with a bag of chips i...

Students sell banned junk food from their lockers like drugs

Like the high school version of prohibition, students are reacting to junk food bans at their schools by establishing black market operations for trafficking the goods under the administration's radar. Soda? Chips? Chocolate bars? Just when you thoug...

Student finds mouse in potato chips

Upon hearing that an 8th grader had found a mouse in a bag of potato chips, your first thought might be: "it's a prank." But according to the Lewis-Palmer School District in Colorado Springs, it seems the middle school student's claims are credible. ...


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