How to Ditch the Diapers and Start Potty Training

If your children are well past diapers, you don't have children, or you feel the urge to shout "TMI!" at your computer screen on a regular basis, please, avert your eyes. This column may not be for you. If, however, you have a small diapered person i...Potty training requires two things: readiness and commitment.

Potty training deadlines

Is it ok to set potty training deadlines? I mean for ourselves as well as our kids. Way back when it seems children were potty trained pretty quickly. Now, common wisdom holds you wait until the kid is at least three or that each child takes as lo...

Poop: My daughter's newest delaying tactic

My daughter has never had a good relationship with going to sleep. Ever since she was a wee one, we've had issues with getting her to lay in bed, close her eyes and go to dream land. While things have gotten better as she has grown older (especially ...


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