7 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Your baby is about an inch long now. Credit: GE Healthcare
Credit: GE Healthcare Next week your doctor may want to see you for your first prenatal visit. Make a list of any questions you have, and ask your partner if he ...

22 Weeks Pregnant: What happens?

At 22 weeks pregnant, an expectant mother is in the middle of her second trimester and may start to feel some movement in the womb. The baby is approximately 10 inches and nearly a pound. Her organs are developing at a rapid rate and she may now be m...

Premature births in the United States

12.5% of babies are born premature in the U.S., a total of half a million babies each year. This reflects an increase of over 30% during the last twenty-five years, according to two new reports, one by the Institute of Medicine and the other by the N...


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