SmackDown: Should Parents Expect Pricey Preschools to Get Their Kids into the Ivy League?

Look, Ma! I'm preschool valedictorian! Illustration by Dori Hartley
Parent Deserves Preschool Services She Paid (a Lot) to Receive by Tom Henderson Academic pressure can wait. Preschool should be a time for singi...
A N.Y. mom is suing her child's former preschool for not delivering on its academic promises. Discuss.

Mom Sues Preschool, Claiming it Promised Education, Delivered Shapes and Colors

Should preschool be about finger painting or Ivy League prep? Credit: Getty
Lucia Imprescia may know her shapes and colors, but will that help her get into an Ivy League school?
Her mother, Nicole Imprescia, is suing the York Avenue...
Mother claims preschool took her for $19,000 ride.


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