HappyLand Royal Wedding Set

Prince William and Kate Middleton make a lovely couple -- even when they're just a few inches tall. Credit: Early Learning Centre What little girl doesn't dream of a fairytale romance that culminates in a royal wedding to a handsome yo...

Why We Love a Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton and Prince William pose for the media at St. James's Palace in London on Nov. 16, 2010, after they announced their engagement. The couple are to wed in 2011. Credit: Chris Jackson, AP
I love a good fairy tale. You know the story...
I freely concede that a grown woman carrying a torch for fairy tale romances isn't exactly cool, but there's just something about the romance, the adversity and, of course, the fashion of it all that warrants a special spot for all those stories on our living room bookshelf.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Engaged

Kate Middleton and Prince William are engaged, and they will be married in 2011. Credit: Chris Iso, AP
After much speculation, Prince William and Kate Middleton are (finally) engaged! According to the official statement, "The Prince of Wales i...
The couple got engaged during a safari in Kenya in October.

Prince William turns 25

When Princess Diana was pregnant with her first child back in 1982, I was pregnant as well. I had this fantasy that her son and my daughter would somehow meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Please cut me some slack for that ridiculous fa...

Even Royalty likes a good gag

It seems that kids are the same the world over, be they prince or pauper. What parent hasn't had their kids play a trick on them? At two-and-a-half, Sara's very into "Boo!" which, of course, is supposed to scare the dickens out of me. When they get o...


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