Opinion: Compassion Does Not Begin At Conception And End At Birth

Will "reckless" miscarriage be the newest felony? Credit: Corbis
A 17-year-old pregnant girl in Utah paid -- actually paid -- a vicious brute to beat her to the brink of death. She took the risk because she hoped the beating would cause her...

Feminists Silent On Call For Global One-Child Policy

In a recent op-ed in the Canadian National Post, editor-at-large Diane Francis calls on world leaders, especially those attending the UN's Copenhagen Conference, to consider the environmental virtues of China's one-child policy. According to Fran...

Pro-Choice Women Taken to Task Over Miscarriage Grief

Women who support the right to choose have no right to grieve for pregnancies that end in miscarriage -- so says a Momlogic guest blogger named Gina, who takes pro-lifers to task for their "hysterics" over first-trimester pregnancy loss. Gina asse...


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