Pumping at Work - The New Disability?

These days, companies have to do a lot to accommodate employees with special needs. From ensuring access for the physically challenged to preventing discrimination, the rules and regulations can be complex and confusing. But how far should business h...

Do you read magazines?

Not so long ago, I used to be a reader. I loved reading. Nothing pleased me more than picking up a new book. I was one of those types who would mill around Barnes and Noble for hours and emerge with a stack of books tall enough to tire out my arms....

Employers don't have to accomodate nursing mothers

This article made my blood boil. It seems that breastfeeding may be turning into a two-class system in America. 50% of new Moms in the United States return to work within the first year of their babies lives - and not all are given opportunity to pu...

The 'pumping project' shares working mama stories and photos

Wow, you guys are all about the breastfeeding and pumping, aren't you? I wrote about an experience pumping during a coaching clinic in a small-town high school, and was pleased to see that a group of moms has started a flickr pool on pumping at work....

Adventures in Breastfeeding: my public pumping quest

On Saturday, I went to a coaching clinic at a high school about 75 miles from Portland. We drove through wide, flat fields and small towns to reach Monmouth, Oregon's Central High School. We sat in uncomfortable classroom chairs and I learned about s...


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