Miracle Girl Survives Fight With Rabies

The survival rate for rabies -- unless the virus is attacked early and aggressively -- is practically zero. Credit: Getty Images
An old journalistic axiom tells us "dog bites man" is not news. It's just not extraordinary enough.
Oh ...
Rabies is rare and almost always fatal, doctors say.

Mom brings rabid bat to school

(Click the photo to see 5 Pets You Should Never Have With Young Children) Show and tell at school is great. Kids love it because it is a chance for them to bring something personal from home and show it off to all their classmates. Choosing just wh...

Woman strangles rabid raccoon, saves kids

Again with the rabid animals attacking kids. And again, an unlikely hero saves the day. This time it was a raccoon attacking a 5-year-old boy as he walked in the woods of Chesire, Connecticut with a group of children. When the animal bit the boy, a w...

5-year-old boy saves kids from rabid fox

Rabid foxes just aren't what they used to be. There was a time when only the biggest and bravest man could take down a fox that was threatening other humans. Not any more. Mothers and children are rising up and putting the crazy little guys in their ...


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