Cindy Crawford Says Daughter 'Doesn't Think Models Need Special Skills'

So much for Take Your Daughter to Work Day ... On Rachael Ray's talk show today, Cindy Crawford said her daughter, Kaia, 8, wants to be a dancer, singer or teacher when she grows up, New York magazine's The Cut reports. "But she (also) sai...

Chefs Declare Assault on Chicken Nuggets and Other School Lunches

America's public schools have problems, but they're really in for it now. They just wiped the smile off Rachael Ray's face. This could mean war. Events turned dangerously un-perky this week as the celebrity chef joined forces with her culinar...

Parentdishing with Crock-Pot mom Stephanie O'Dea

Do you know what's for dinner? Mom and blogger Stephanie O'Dea does, and chances are she's cooking it in one of her five Crock-Pots. In January of this year, Stephanie made a New Year's resolution that she would cook at least one meal a day using a C...

Rachael Ray creates charity to improve kids' relationship with food

Not satisfied with teaching children that once in awhile it's okay to lick brownie batter off a spoon in your underwear, television cooking host Rachel Ray has decided to create a non-profit charity that will empower kids and their parents to improve...

Cooking Rocks Challenge: Week 11 - Monte Cristo and Elvis French Toast Sammies

After last week's fiasco, the Cooking Rocks Challenge resumed this week to test out Monte Cristo and Elvis French Toast Sammies. Since Nol was on Spring Break, we picked this recipe for a lunch treat instead of the suggested  breakfast or breakf...


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