How to Raise a Happy Child: Tips for Positive Parenting

Everyone's talking about how to find personal happiness and fulfillment, but how can you make sure that you pass those traits on to your kids? Maureen Healy, founder of Growing Happy Kids and author of 365 Perfect Things to Say to Your Kids, weighs i...

Million Dollar Baby? The High Cost of Raising a Child

Whoa. Raising a kid is pricey. Credit: 0EBANDA, Flickr
It costs almost $1 million to raise a child. Social researcher Mark McCrindle surveyed more than 4,500 Australian parents and found they spend an average of $1,028,093 per child. In American ...

Children Raised on Tough Love Are More Successful, Study Shows

How would you handle this situation? A British study says tough love is best. Credit: mattdm, Flickr
Are you too nice to your kids? A British think tank released a report that says children brought up on tough love are more successful. The rep...

Consensual Living - When Kids and Parents are Equals

We've all seen parents who seem to have a hard time standing up to their kids. Whether it be getting them to clean up their rooms or eat all their vegetables, these parents almost always give in at the first sign of resistance. You might call a paren...

Did Your Parents Become the Grandparents You Thought They'd Be?

For most of us, there was a point at which it was hard for us to imagine ourselves as parents. And, possibly, in the farthest recesses of our minds, it was even harder for us to imagine our own parents as grandparents. Inevitably, as we became more ...

You're a good mom (and your kids aren't so bad either)

After I finished forwarding this video to every mom I know, I decided it was worth sharing with you. It's a trailer for a new book titled You're a Good Mom (and your kids aren't so bad either). Written by Jen Singer, the book shares the secrets for ...


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