America's Got Talent ... Not!

Josie Rodell, left, Dad (Chris) and Lucinda wait for the Pittsburgh trolley for a day at the ballpark. Credit: Rachel Rodell I may not be the best writer, but I'm probably the only writer who can do 10 Army regulation pull ups and jugg...I see "America's Got Talent" is returned recently. I'm unlikely to watch, but I can guarantee the show would rate better than any show called, "America's Got Kids Who Score Better in Math/Science Than Other Countries!"

Agreeing to Disagree: Can Moms With Wildly Different Parenting Styles Manage to Stay Best Friends?

Pam Jenoff relies on her best friend for support. Courtesy Pam Jenoff
By Pam Jenoff
As the mother of three kids under the age of 3, I consider my best friend, Joanne, one of the great saving graces. The mother of almost 4-year ol...
Dispite their different styles of parenting, they depend on each other for support.

Motherhood Moments: More Than a Strike, She Quit!

Jessica Anya Blau with her mother, Bonnie Blau Credit: Jessica Anya Blau
Around the time I was 8, when my sister, Becca, was 11, and my brother, Josh, was 3, my mother told Becca and me: "I quit."
"Quit what?" I asked. "Being a h...
If a mother is someone who packs your lunch, hems your pants and mops the kitchen floor, then I grew up without a mother.

Motherhood Moments: Try a Little Selfishness

Elizabeth Eslami and mother. Credit: Elizabeth Eslami
When I was 10, my mother took me out to the shed behind our house to ask me if she should divorce my father.
"I'm thinking of leaving him," she said. "But you need to know what t...
if mothers don't teach their children how to be happy by example, who will?

Motherhood Moments: Raising a Girl (Not) Like Me

Jenny Block and her daughter. Credit: Jamie Abbott I remember being scared. That's what I remember most about bringing my daughter home from the hospital 12 years ago, being scared. She was so tiny and perfect. A clean slate. I was afr...The powerful thing about raising an independent daughter is that she grows into her own person.

Motherhood Moments: Passing On a Love of Words

Zoe FitzGerald Carter with her mother and daughter. Credit: Zoe FitzGerald Carter
If childhood had a soundtrack, mine would be the hammering keys and intermittent "ping" of a busy typewriter.
From as far back as I can remember, my m...
Recognizing a kindred spirit, my mother took me under her wing.

Motherhood Moments: Mothers and Daughters and Readers and Writers

Lisa Yee and her mother. Credit: Lisa Yee When I was little, my mother and I had a nighttime ritual. After my bath, when I was zipped into my pink footie pajamas, she'd sit on the bed and read to me. Mom's voice wrapped me up in fairy ...We were readers, my mother and I. We still are.

Motherhood Moments: Coping with Mother's Day When Mom is in Decline or Gone

Jo Maeder and her mother. Credit: Portrait Innovations What happens when a cynical hard-core New Yorker reluctantly moves to the South to care for the mother who always drove her crazy? To her (my) surprise, she falls madly in love wit...A cynical hard-core New Yorker reluctantly moves to the South to care for the mother who always drove her crazy.

Motherhood Moments: Now, You Don't, a Mother's Day Tribute

Debra Darvick and her daughter. Credit: Martin Darvick My daughter sometimes worries about the relationship she will have with her daughter. She doesn't have a daughter, mind you. She's not even pregnant. Or married. But she neverthele...One mother's struggle with her relationship with her own mother in the wake of a grim diagnoses.

Motherhood Moments: Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry

Jacquelyn Mitchard and her daughter. Credit: Jacquelyn Mitchard
Picture an old photo of your mother.
Now, picture an old photo of Grace Kelly. That's the difference between old photos of my mother and those of most mothers. When ...
When I become a mother, my mother was already gone.

Are Lindsay Lohan and 'Twilight' Raising Your Kids?

Is TV raising your child? Credit: Corbis It's not easy being a mom. It's probably not easy being a dad, either, but I wouldn't know about that, would I? Several years back, my daughter was just shy of 5, when she turned to me as w...One mom reflects on raising her child with TV -- and Lindsay Lohan -- in the way.

Opinion: Love Your Kids Most When They Deserve It the Least

Erma Bombeck famously wrote that a child needs your love most when he deserves it the least. We volunteered for this job -- didn't we? – but it sure was easier when they were cuddly little bundles who never flipped us off, stole our iPod...Mothers with challenging kids need to befriend other mothers with challenging kids.


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