Build a Wiccan Altar? Not in My Shop Class, Teacher Says

Can building a Wiccan altar lead to the practice of black magic? An Iowa shop teachers says yes. Credit: jimd2007, Flickr
An Iowa shop teacher who refused to allow a student to build a Wiccan altar in class has been placed on leave in a flap ...

Boy's braids may keep him out of kindergarten

He's simply a boy anxious to start kindergarten, but even at age five, Adriel Arocha is learning that, sometimes, things just aren't that simple. Adriel's dad is Apache and believes that Adriel's hair should remain uncut for traditional reasons. Adri...

Veiled teacher controversy continues

The appeal trial for a Muslim school teacher who got fired for wearing a veil in the classroom started yesterday in England. Aishah Azmi was let go from her position as an ESL teacher at a primary school after refusing to remove her veil in the class...

Pharmacist refuses to dispense birth control

A federal judge has ruled that a WalMart pharmacist cannot sue his ex-employer for violating his religious freedoms. Neil Norsen's Roman Catholic faith opposes birth control, and he claims that he was fired from his job for refusing to fulfill birth ...


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