The 10 Best New Picture Books for Spring

Every season brings bright new picture books, and Cabin Fever has the great pleasure of choosing from among the riches the very best. With help from my personal focus group of readers (and pre-readers), here's what made our shortlist of top new pictu...

The Real MVPs: Five Athletes Who Give Back

San Diego Chargers player LaDainian Tomlinson hands out turkeys the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, among other charitable acts. Credit: Getty Images
If you could choose your child's sports hero, who would he -- or she -- be? The best athlete or the...

Celebrities today-video

With so many celebrities behaving badly in public, it seems quaint that the most scandalous celebrity events during my impressionable years weren't even actual events, they were songs:
Like a Virgin
Papa Don't Preach Anything by Prince (Alt...


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