Russell Crowe 

Russell Crowe Apologizes for Circumcision Tweets

Actor, Russell Crowe. Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/
NEW YORK (AP) - San Francisco's anti-circumcising lobby seems to have a friend in Russell Crowe.
The Oscar-winning actor lashed out at the practice of male circumcision in a ...
San Francisco's anti-circumcising lobby seems to have a friend in Russell Crowe.

Russell Crowe Reveals Why Son Might Change Career Plans

Russell Crowe talked parenthood on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and the father of two boys revealed that his 6-year-old son, Charlie, needs to shape up. "He's at a very fancy school now, because he's got a bit of a brain combined with a bit...
Crowe's son used to always say he wanted to be a paleontologist. That is, until he got some inside information.

Celeb Clan Close-Up: Russell Crowe Gets Hollywood Star

The "L.A. Confidential" star gets his spot on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Credit: Steve Granitz, WireImage
A Beautiful Brood: No phones being thrown. No on-set shouting. No award show temper tantrums. Russell Crowe, sulking bad-boy, seems to have...

Celebrity baby arrival time line

You've been struggling to plan your summer vacations but with all these celebrity pregnancies, you just don't know when to go. Okay, right, well maybe you're just idly curious about the Hollywood baby boom coming this spring and summer. Blogs are pe...

Sesame Street says "no" to Russell Crowe

According to the Superficial, producers for Sesame Street rejected an appearance by Russell Crowe, saying "he's not a good role model." Crowe has a two-year-old son and one on the way with wife Danielle Spencer. Carol-Lynne Parente, the ex...

Russell Crowe expecting baby boy #2

Russell Crowe told Jay Leno he and wife Danielle Spencer are expecting a brother for their two-year-old son Charlie. The baby is due this summer. He also revealed to Jay Leno he'll be in the delivery room with a video camera and the name Charlie is v...

Russell Crowe confirms wife Dani expecting a baby

Back in early December, we reported that Russell Crowe was rumored to be expecting a second baby with wife Danielle Spencer. Last night on the red carpet, on the way to the Golden Globes, he confirmed the rumors. "Yes, Dani is pregnant again,&qu...


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