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Cracking the Code: Has Teen Found Secret to High SAT Score?

Brevity may indeed be the soul of wit, but it won't get you into an Ivy League college. That's the conclusion reached by Milo Beckman, a 14-year-old student at New York City's Stuyvesant High School. He says his independent research shows that...Write long, improve your SAT essay score, student says.

Guess What? Taking AP Exams Just Got Easier

Guessing is OK now, but you still need a No. 2 pencil. Credit: jupiterimages
Ah, we remember our Advanced Placement examinations well -- the No. 2 pencils, the cold sweats, the anxiety. But now, college-bound high school students can rest at le...

College coaches help to create stars

Do you have a high school student who has stellar grades and test scores but who just doesn't stand out from his peers? This is a growing problem for quite a few families that see their above average students being edged out of college placement by t...

Kansas student aces ACT and SAT

I took both the ACT and the SAT when I was in high school; I had dreams of attending college in the East and it seemed those schools preferred the ACT. I didn't do so good on either, but the ACT was definitely harder. Apparently, Jakub Voboril didn't...


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