Sun-Sensitive Wristband Helps Shun Sunburns

Sure makes sense to us. Credit: UVSunSense
Is it a battle every time you need to reapply your kid's sunscreen while you're at the pool, park or beach? UVSunSense wristbands can bring peace to your play day. Simply wrap one around your kid's ...

The hidden dangers of lip gloss

My 7-year-old is crazy for the lip gloss. She can be convinced to wear lip balm, but prefers the shiny wet look that can only be achieved through the liberal application of gooey, flavored lip gloss. If it has sparkles in it, even better. The resulti...

I believe my kids will now wear sunblock. Always.

In early December I was diagnosed with one of the earliest forms of skin cancer on my face. This came as no surprise because my nose had been peeling for over 18 months despite the fact that I haven't been in the sun for years. I had a few nasty sunb...

Is that sunscreen really doing the job?

Our neighborhood pool will open this weekend and we are all ready with new swim suits, floats and sunscreen. I am proud to say that Ellie and I went to the pool almost every day last summer and not once did either of us get sunburned. But this articl...

Radicool -- Rad and Cool swimwear from down under

When Jared was just a baby, we discovered Radicool swimsuits from Australia. The retailer where I was working at the time carried them and they seemed like a good idea. Well, Jared's now five and we're still hooked. In fact, because that store no lon...

No more excuses, wear your sunscreen

The new continuous spray sunscreens are knocking down some serious barriers to the long held objections about applying sunscreen. The number one complaint about sunscreen is that it is gloppy, thick and a bit of a pain to apply and reapply and reappl...

Frubi for babies

With summer coming it is important to remember about eye protection for our favorite small people. No, it's not enough to slather on the SPF 50 sunblock, cover their heads with a hat, carry a sun umbrella and avoid the hot sun hours between 10 a.m. a...


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