Miracle Baby Pinned Under SUV Survives Unharmed

A 22-month-old Massachusetts girl survived getting pinned under the tire of her parents' two-ton SUV with only a scratch on her neck, reports Good Morning America. While Sophia LaFauci's parents, Rachel and Anthony LaFauci, described the harrowin...

Nine-Year-Old Carries Hurt Friend to Safety

When Eric Kelley, 10, was hit on his bike by an SUV that failed to stop at a stop sign, he was lucky help nearby. Unfortunately, that help did not come from the driver of the vehicle. Yes, the driver got out of the car, but it was only to pull Eric's...

Going to the auto show

Pretty much from the moment we left Moscone center in downtown San Francisco last November, Jared was asking me when we could go back to the auto show. I told him that we would go again next year. Well, once again, it's November and that means it's t...

Woman's 9th baby born in SUV 'cause dad needed coffee

Maybe after eight births, the whole thing starts to feel a little routine. I guess that's why David Harrah figured he had time for a quick cup of coffee before driving his wife (and the couple's eight children) to the hospital. But boy, was he wrong...

Five-year-old safe after stolen SUV ride

I was never a big fan of Rescue 911, but I did see the show a few times. It seems every time I turned it on, Shatner was talking about another kid that was left in a running car, climbed into the front seat, and knocked the car into gear. Even I coul...

Have baby: Will travel...get packing!

As you may have noticed I've been relatively silent on the board these past few days. The sad truth is that all of my time has been eaten up planning for this trip. Now I have the enormous task of packing--for me, my son, my dog and essentially m...

Have kids, will travel... in a rental car, with a portable DVD player

It was a good thing my husband and I decided to schedule our visit to my parents for two weeks intead of one this year. As I wrote earlier today, we ended up traveling from Utah to Colorado for a funeral, unexpectedly, and our timeframe made that pos...

Chasing Jordan: New novel examines loss of child, impact on marriage

Here's an interesting article from Knight Ridder about Heidi Boehringer's debut novel, Chasing Jordan, which centers around a mother who accidentally backs over her child while driving her SUV. Boehringer examines the impact this has on the protagoni...


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