Are Your Kids Getting Enough Pretend Play Time?

Not all toys have to plug in. Credit: Getty Images Back in the day, "play time" didn't mean "screen time," because there weren't that many screens available. Now, of course, children have so many electronic entertainment options that...Children have so many electronic entertainment options that they may not be getting enough good old fashioned pretend play.

Why is there sand in my panties?

The year span in between my kids is pretty big. There are four years between my oldest and middle kids and over eleven years between my oldest and my almost 3 year-old, Devon. With so many years, I often forget the milestones that set apart the ages....

A dad's MacGyver moment

Yesterday I wrote about my search for the perfect birthday present for my 3-year-old daughter. Today, I come to you victorious. I bought a sandbox. It's odd, because I was looking for something small, and something that didn't have to live at our hou...

And my cell phone is where?

Life with a toddler is never dull. I often repeat to myself the mantra, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." This saying is indeed true when it comes to life with a toddler. Living with a creature who makes a daily habit out of creating chaos...


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