Opinion: Why Gun-Loving Sarah Palin Would Make a Terrible President for Our Children

Is this really a person you want your kids to learn from? Illustration by Dori Hartley Sarah Palin loves to shoot. Whether it's a good ol' American rifle, or just some video footage of her own gun-toting, animal-hunting self, that...Sarah Palin loves guns for killing animals. Only, guns kill people, too.

Roseanne Barr on Her New Book, 'Roseannearchy,' Being a Grandma and Why She'd Run Against Sarah Palin

Roseanne Barr has written the new book, "Roseannarchy." Credit: Jeff Christensen/AP Say the name Roseanne and at least a few images immediately pop up: Sitcom star, mangler of the National Anthem, trainwreck of a marriage to Tom Arnold ...The author and TV star dishes on politics, religion and why celebrity makes you crazy.

Sarah Palin's Daughter Willow Uses Homophobic Slurs in Facebook Post

Willow Palin lashes out at haters with harsh language. Credit: David McNew, Getty Images
Willow Palin, the 16-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, wrote several homophobic slurs and used foul language on Facebook on Sunday night, TMZ reports. The...
When a Facebook user attacked her mom's new show, Willow Palin lashed out with harsh language.

Is Bristol Palin Back With Levi Johnston?

Levi Johnston is back. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Sarah and Todd Palin discussed this development. Johnston dated the Palins' daughter, Bristol, now 19, fathering Tripp, their 1-year-old son. After the couple broke up in March 200...

Take That, Sarah Palin: Levi Johnston Pitches a Reality Show About Alaska

Levi Johnston wants to show you around Alaska. Credit: Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic
Levi Johnston, Playgirl cover model and Sarah Palin's grandbaby daddy, is shopping a reality show about his life in Alaska. Sound familiar? That's because Palin's...

Is Levi Johnston a Deadbeat Dad?

Levi Johnston arrives at a party in Los Angeles in November 2009. Credit: Robyn Beck, AFP / Getty Images
Bristol Palin's attorney has filed a Motion for Interim Child Support. Is this a case of Levi Johnston: Deadbeat Dad? Let's look at the fa...

Sarah Palin the Hero In New Children's Book

"Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!" Credit: Courtesy Katharine DeBrecht
A character named "Governor Sarah" helps two little boys fight for their swing-set business despite a scheming president named "Marxus" out to destroy them with hig...

Sibling Names Require Individual Thought

Dear Name Lady, I love interesting combinations of sibling names. It's so sweet to meet families with multiple children who have intriguing names that go well together. For instance, Sarah Palin caught my interest with her children's names Track...

Bristol Palin Backtracks on Abstinence Views

Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah and mother of Tripp, recently made headlines after voicing her opinion about abstinence. A teen mother herself, Bristol told Greta Van Susteren back in February that "everyone should be abstinent, but it's just not re...

The Johnston Family On Tyra Banks

In case you missed the latest chapter in the chamber opera that the Palin and Johnston families are engaged in, here's an update. Levi Johnston was on the Tyra Banks Show on Monday, along with his sister Mercede and their mother Sherry. ...

Bristol and Levi - Splitting Up?

It's the news we were hoping not to hear: Rumor has it that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are splitting up. The teen parents are reportedly going through a tough time, according to Johnston's sister, Mercede. She claims that Palin is refusing to le...

Bristol Palin Says Abstinence-Only Sex Ed is Just Not Realistic

Bristol Palin, teenage daughter of 44-year-old mother of five and former Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, made headlines last summer when it was revealed that she and boyfriend Levi Johnston were expecting a child. Ah, the irony of a teen pregn...

Sarah Palin Named Daughter Bristol After ESPN (Sort Of)

Sarah Palin recently sat down with Esquire for a controversial interview, during which explained the meaning behind her daughter Bristol's name. "Two meanings in Bristol's name," Palin began. "I worked at the Bristol Inn and Todd grew up in Bristo...

Levi Johnston's Mother Tries to Explain Drug Arrest

Sherry Johnston -- Levi Johnston's mother, and Bristol Palin's presumptive mother-in-law -- is explaining how she wound up getting arrested last month on drug charges. Johnston, who has been charged with six felony counts of misconduct involving a co...

Bristol Palin Sells Baby Photos for $300,000

Wow! Little Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, who's been with us in this crazy world for less than a month, is already a celebrity. In fact, he was a few days after his Grandma, former VP candidate Sarah Palin, made the news by announcing his mommy, Br...


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