Kids Aren't Lovin' the Veggie Trays at Chicago Schools

Chicago schools are hoping kids will load up on apple slices. Credit: Jim Mone, AP file photo
You can lead a horse to water -- or, in this case, kids to trays of peas and carrots -- but you can't make them eat.
Chicago school admini...
Schools quit serving nachos and donuts, introducing healthy options for breakfast and lunch.

Boy, 6, Bagged From Contest for Bringing His Lunch to School in an Eco-Unfriendly Ziploc

Is your kid's lunch packed in an eco-friendly container? One Canadian school says it better be. Credit: Getty
Think you're keeping things green by packing your child's lunch? Better not have any Ziploc bags wrapping that PB&J.
A kindergarten student was shunned from a contest after he brought his lunch to school in a plastic baggie.

Is Your Child Getting a Healthy School Lunch?

Is your child eating a healthy lunch? Credit: AP, Paul Sakuma President Barack Obama recently signed a bill designed to make school lunches healthier. First Lady Michelle Obama, who has campaigned against childhood obesity, praised t...

School Cafeterias to Try Psychology in Lunch Line

The U.S. government is trying new approaches to get kids to choose healthier foods. Credit: Mark Humphrey/AP
Hide the chocolate milk behind the plain milk. Get those apples and oranges out of stainless steel bins and into pretty baskets. Cash onl...
The government is giving $2 million to food behavior scientists to find ways to use psychology to improve kids' use of the federal school lunch program and fight childhood obesity.

Piece Together Lunch With Sandwich Cutters

Piece together the perfect lunch for your kids. Credit: The Spoon Sisters
If you're already puzzled over how to make those packed lunches more exciting for your kids, we've got the perfect solution. Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters split s...
Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters split sandwiches into interlocking puzzle pieces that your kids will want to eat.

Chefs Declare Assault on Chicken Nuggets and Other School Lunches

America's public schools have problems, but they're really in for it now. They just wiped the smile off Rachael Ray's face. This could mean war. Events turned dangerously un-perky this week as the celebrity chef joined forces with her culinar...

No Soup for You: School Serves Up Cold Lunch As Punishment

Bridgett Reed is upset that her child and other students at Atlantic City High School are being punished by only being served cheese sandwiches for lunch. Credit: Anthony Smedile, Press of Atlantic City
Some New Jersey high school students lear...

White House Annoyed by School Lunch Campaign

Did this public service announcement cross the line? Credit: Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine
When it comes to the First Daughters, everything is off-limits. Even if it's for a good cause. White House officials are annoyed by a...

School Lunch Should Be a Dining Experience

A few months into the first grade, I realized that my kid was having a problem at school. Lunch. Every morning I would fill Ellie's lunch box up -- and every afternoon I would find it almost completely untouched. She might drink the juice, but that w...

School Lunch Mooches Cut Off

Remember Wimpy, the cartoon character perhaps best known for his long running scam, "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"? It seems the spirit of Wimpy is alive and well in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where the school district is owed ne...

"What did you have for lunch today?"

Welcome to Dishing it Out, ParentDish's weekly food column. Katie Workman lives in New York City with her husband and two boys, Jack and Charlie. By day she is the Editor-in Chief of the soon-to-be launched recipe website, Her posts ...

Secrets of a healthy lunch

We're pretty new to the lunch packing thing at our house, just having survived our first week of kindergarten. But so far, my five-year-old eats her whole grain sandwich, her side of fresh fruits or veggies, and brings home the very small treat I've ...

Bento boxes - Make healthy lunch more appealing

Our school lunch menu goes like this: Monday -- pizza and french fries. Tuesday -- hot dog and french fries. Wednesday -- sloppy joe and french fries. To say that I was disappointed to discover this is putting it mildly. Though schools across the nat...

No pork chops for Leonie

It's been a long time since I've had pork chops, but that's not because I don't like them. For Leonie Terry, however, the longer the better, it seems. The precocious three-year-old didn't like the idea of pork chops for lunch and took it upon herself...

The highly sensitive child and the school cafeteria

Ellie is and always has been a picky eater. She has a rather short list of foods she likes and I accommodate her by packing those foods in her lunch each day. Up until now, eating lunch at school has not really been a problem for her. But since start...


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