School Sports on Chopping Block as Budgets Shrink

Sharp budget cuts are forcing some school districts to eliminate sports programs in middle and high schools, a telling indication of just how deeply the recession is impacting not only individuals, but the institutions we rely on to educate our chi...

Cheerleaders can't wear short skirts anymore

It's tradition in many high schools for athletes and cheerleaders to wear their jerseys or uniforms on the Friday before a game. But a Monroe, Ohio high school is taking issue with the cheerleaders' short skirts. Since the school dress code says skir...

The unintended consequences of Title IX

According to a recent NYT article, Title IX had an amazing impact on the number of girls and women who play sports. Title IX was passed in 1972, a bill that eliminated the exclusion of women in any federally funded educational activity. Though it's e...

High school sports: What's the risk of injury?

Team sports are an excellent way for kids to get exercise, learn a new skill, and become a better team player. But sports are also inherently risky. Some parents may worry that their child will get hurt during play, and it can be hard to know how to ...

Sports for kids who aren't good at sports

I joined the tennis team as a freshman in high school and was the worst on the team. I love tennis, I think it's a blast. But I'm seriously no good at it. After that year, I never again tried to join a team sport because the risk of humiliation was j...

The first day of school

Where did the summer go as school is just around the corner. For many of you with older children, classes start in two or three weeks. The first day of school always requires preparations: notebooks, pens, a new set of clothes, etc. However, Dr. Pame...

Boy suspended for cookie eating

As reported by Nicole Weston on our sister blog, Slashfood, an eighth grade boy was suspended because of cookie consumption. Jeremy Maitland, a student at Hungary Creek Middle School, in Henrico Virginia, was in the school cafeteria to fill up a wate...


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