Ball and Chain Traps Kids Into Studying

Should homework feel like punishment? Image:
For some kids, doing homework is pure torture. Being forced to sit still and concentrate on something boring while fun things are happening elsewhere can feel like punishment where the only crim...

Should Doctors Keep Minors' Info Confidential?

This is a tough one. I remember being a kid on the brink of being a teenager--we didn't have the word "tween" back then--sitting in my pediatrician's office waiting to get examined or get a shot or whatever. That doctor was not someone I felt like s...

When do you do homework?

Now that Ellie is in first grade in a public school, she has homework. Every day, she brings home a sheet or two of work that must be completed by her, signed by me, and returned to school the following day. At first, she was excited about homework a...

The dog ate it manifesto

If you've got a kid headed off to college in the near future, you might want to equip them with this handy-dandy little document. Called "The Dog Ate It Manifesto", it lists 87 excuses for not doing your homework. The excuses are broken down into cat...

First Job: Spending/saving their own money

A few days ago I wrote about kids getting their first job, and it seems most people agree that as long as it doesn't interfere with their schoolwork, they have no problem with it. As I mentioned, my daughter got hired at a pizza place near the end of...

My raccoon ate my homework

Ever since there has been homework, there have been excuses for not having turned it in. Teachers have heard them all. Thirteen-year-old Stephanie King, however, came up with a new one. It was being held hostage in her bedroom by a family of raccoons...


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