Parents' Smoking Can Increase Children's Blood Pressure

Secondhand smoke can cause high blood pressure in young kids. Credit: Getty Forget about lung cancer causing harm in the distant future. Your smoking may hurt your child before he hits grade school. A new study shows breathing tob...Another reason to quit smoking: You could be giving your young kids high blood pressure.

Controversial Anti-Smoking Ad Targets Parents

Health officials in New York City want parents to quit smoking, so they're trying something novel: Terrorizing small children. In a new television ad, a 3-year-old boy walks with his mother in a busy train station. Suddenly, she disappears. The boy's...

Moms quit smoking during pregnancy only to start again

Smoking is a hard habit to break, there's no doubt about it. In fact, according to USA Today, only 10 to 20% of people who try quitting succeed. But expectant mothers have a reason to quit smoking that goes beyond their own health -- smoking during p...

Ontario to ban smoking in cars

It looks like Canadians are on the bandwagon with several states in the U.S. in the war against smoking. Authorities in Ontario are moving to ban smoking in cars when children are present. Offenders will be fined $247 if caught in the act of smoki...

Pregnant Mom's smoke can cause psychological problems?

It's no secret that cigarette smoking can cause a plethora of physical health problems for parents and the kids who get too close to their second-hand toxins, but a new study says that Mom's smoking can also cause psychological problems for kids. A ...

California jumps on ban-wagon re smoking in cars

"Who is the state to tell you how you can and cannot raise your children?" That's the question Robert Best, state coordinator of the Smoker's Club Inc., a smokers' rights group, asks. Sure, if my kid comes home with anything less than an A on his rep...

Second hand smoke and babies?

Researchers at UC Davis recently described in unprecedented biochemical and anatomical detail how cigarette smoke damages the lungs of unborn and newborn children. The results of the study illustrate with the dangers that smokers' families and friend...

Parental cigarette use is 'double whammy' for children

A study in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology explored smoking, heavy drinking, and marijuana use across three generations. It found that the children of a parent who uses any of these substances are more likely to smoke, binge drink, or use ma...


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